Ryan Sobol

App Developer and Mentor

"Our biggest issue was knowing what our customers wanted."

I hear this all the time when I meet new clients. In the midst of developing a product, it's easy to forget who you're trying to serve.

I've been guilty of this too. You create a business plan, build a product, and then hope someone will buy it.

Customer + Product = Business

Successful product teams all know one thing — by engaging customers throughout the development process you build better products, lower your costs, and deliver to market faster.

This is called customer-first development and it helps:

"Ryan's insight into our customers and our products is exceptional."

I've been a professional software developer for the past 10 years. My specialty is making software that people love to use and share.

My secret is to combine the customer-first development process with state-of-the-art software development tools like Cocoa Touch, Backbone.js, and Ruby on Rails.

Let's talk if you need a developer who:

I've recently helped these teams.

Code Fellows
I'm a frequent guest speaker for their Ruby on Rails bootcamp, covering topics such as performance, scalability, protocols, and data structures. My challenge is to deliver on the promise they make to their graduates — a software development job guaranteed. For these on-site lectures, Haiku Deck and Sketch are my tools-of-choice.
University of Washington
I founded and then taught a certificate program on Ruby on Rails development for the department of Professional & Continuing Education. I'm happy to report that the majority of my students became gainfully employed Rails developers. The course utilized RailsCasts and Instructure Canvas for both online and offline learning.
Freedom from Hunger
I built a health services platform that identifies impoverished health care centers in rural communities throughout Latin America. Upon completion, their pre-existing app went from a liability to life-changing. The team used Ruby on Rails and operated 100% remotely with Skype and Pivotal Tracker.

Here's what others say about me.

"[Ryan's] ability to execute a project from start to finish and his ability to understand a clients needs and understand problems are exceptional." David Hanaford, Technical Marketing Lead at eFront
"Ryan is a solid and experienced Ruby and Rails developer and team lead who understands what it takes to create, deploy and maintain a wide range of application types." Jason Hoffman, VP of Strategy and Portfolio at Ericsson
"Ryan did great work picking up a complex job for us that had been left unfinished and unsupported by the original creators." Lisa Kuhn, VP of Latin America at Freedom from Hunger
"Ryan is the kind of developer that can both build an application from scratch and can quickly understand code that's already been written." Jayson Vantuyl, Cloud Architecture Consultant at GoGrid
"If I had to pick anyone to start a company with, I would definitely pick Ryan." Ivan Storck, Founder at Code Fellows

Let me champion your project.

With tiered pricing, I'm available to consult on mobile and web projects of any size.

  • Long-term Project
  • $11,000 / month
  • 60% discount
  • Mid-term Project
  • $3,500 / week
  • 25% discount
  • Short-term Project
  • $800 / day
  • 10% discount

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